Buying drugs at the right price won't improve outcomes or reduce cost if we arent buying the right drugs.

Addressing “high drug prices” isn’t the most effective approach to managing unsustainable healthcare costs when the cost of avoidable drug failures is a 30 times larger opportunity.

Applied at scale, no other clinical intervention has a greater impact on total healthcare cost than simply optimizing medication therapy for each patient’s individual needs, rather than accepting the trial-and-error prescribing paradigm that results in over 25% of prescriptions being ineffective, unsafe, or both.  

Annual Burden of Non-optimized medication therapy in the U.S.


avoidable healthcare costs

(16% of total spending)


avoidable deaths

The DecisionRx Medication Therapy Optimization (MTO) platform leverages modern clinical and data science to help providers improve outcomes and reduce total healthcare costs by 8-11% (over $300 monthly for patients over age 65 and $100 for patients under 65).  Cost savings from our value-based MTO program result from:

DecisionRx mitigates drug failure, yielding healthier patients and less expensive care.

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