78% of patients in pilot program received clinically actionable medication guidance from DecisionRx concierge pharmacists

Medication Therapy Optimization improves patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs by over $3,600 per Medicare patient per year

INDIANAPOLIS, June 11, 2024DecisionRx, Inc., a value-based healthcare company reducing the cost of care by helping physicians eliminate medication failure, today announced a partnership with Imperium Health, an innovator and pioneer in creating, organizing, and managing Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and other value-based care programs. Imperium Health is using DecisionRx’s pharmacogenomics-driven Medication Therapy Optimization (MTO) platform to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by helping physicians optimize prescribing decisions in their ACOs. The announcement follows the successful implementation of the DecisionRx MTO platform at several practice groups participating in the Imperium Clinical Partners ACO during the first quarter of 2024:
  • 78% of participating patients expressed clinically actionable medication failure risk resulting in guidance from their DecisionRx concierge pharmacist to those patients’ prescribers.
  • 53% of patients warranted pharmacist recommendations that prescribers consider changing one or more medications.
  • 70% of patients were on regimens that included significant drug-drug contraindications; safer alternatives were suggested prescribers for 34% of those patients.
  • 63% of patients exhibited significant genetic contraindications with currently prescribed drugs; genetically optimized alternatives were identified for 35% of those patients.
  • Over 80% of patients reported finding their pharmacogenomics test results helpful, including those patients for whom the results confirmed that their current medication regimens did not warrant modification.
“Imperium and DecisionRx share a common mission to optimize patient outcomes by increasing access to personalized medicine,” said Jerome Dixon, DO, Medical Director at Imperium Clinical Partners, an Imperium Health ACO. “My personal experience confirms that combining pharmacogenetic testing and comprehensive medication review by a trained clinical pharmacist has a meaningful impact on patient outcomes and total cost of care.  Incorporating recommendations from a DecisionRx pharmacist into our collaborative care team has already enhanced clinical decision-making for our patients, and I’m confident the benefits I’ve seen will extend to other Imperium providers as we expand access to this important service throughout the Imperium network.” In today’s health environment, many medications are prescribed without personalized analysis.  On average, over-extended physicians have a mere 49 seconds in which to discuss newly prescribed medications with patients[1].  Through its MTO platform, clinically-trained DecisionRx pharmacists equip providers with information and specific recommendations that allow them to more effectively optimize medication regimens for each individual patient. “Imperium Health is an ideal partner for DecisionRx because it shares our commitment to value-based care, and there is no denying the value – approximately $3,600 per engaged Medicare patient per year – created by Medication Therapy Optimization,” said DecisionRx CEO James Wallace. “Both organizations strive to provide next-level personalized medicine to as many patients as possible, especially those with chronic conditions. This partnership brings the potential to drastically improve outcomes and quality of life for the Medicare beneficiaries being cared for by Imperium Health’s ACOs.”

About Imperium Health

Imperium Health, a subsidiary of United Healthcare, is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, and provides step-by-step guidance through the value-based healthcare process to improve savings, patient outcomes, financial benchmarks, and provider engagement. Imperium Health organizes and manages financially-aligned partnerships with providers, health systems, and ACOs to support clinical and financial performance improvement. Their dedication to providing quality care led to 5 of their partner ACOs ranking in the top 10% of all ACOs for quality measures in 2022. Caring for over one million Medicare Beneficiaries since 2013, Imperium’s strategies and technology tools have helped ACOs generate over $664 million in total Medicare savings to date.

About DecisionRx

DecisionRx is a technology-enabled healthcare services company, improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs by helping physicians optimize prescribing decisions for their patients.  DecisionRx clinical pharmacists work on patients’ behalf to mitigate medication failure by making personalized medication recommendations to prescribers, informed by the latest clinical and data-science, and delivered in a value-based care model.  Medication failure accounts for at least 16% of total healthcare spending, and medication therapy optimization has been shown to reduce total annualized cost of care by over $3,600 for Medicare patients and $1,200 for patients under age 65.


Media Alexis Feinberg ICR Westwicke 646-277-1252 Alexis.Feinberg@westwicke.com   [1] Tarn, D.M., Paterniti, D.A., Kravitz, R.L., et al. (2008). How much time does it take to prescribe a new medication? Patient Education and Counseling, 72(2), 311-319. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pec.2008.02.019

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